Way-to-early Big 12 quarterback rankings: Can Avery Johnson be a top quarterback?

Avery Johnson is setting into the full-time starting role for Kansas State in 2024, so how does he rank against the other Big 12 quarterbacks?
Oct 14, 2023; Lubbock, Texas, USA;  Kansas State Wildcats quarterback Avery Johnson (5) passes the ball against Texas Tech.
Oct 14, 2023; Lubbock, Texas, USA; Kansas State Wildcats quarterback Avery Johnson (5) passes the ball against Texas Tech. / Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

A team is only as good as its quarterback, at least that is what people think right? So much emphasis is put on who the quarterback of a team is and it is not without good reason.

Quarterbacks are seen as the leaders of a team. Quarterbacks are the ones making the big plays. Quarterbacks have the weight of the offense and the team resting on their shoulders.

Quarterbacks are very important to each team. The Big 12 has many quarterbacks that are sure to turn heads in 2024 from Shedeur Sanders to Avery Johnson.

So, how to the Big 12 quarterbacks rank against each other?

Sam Leavitt. 16. player. . . . . Big 12 QB rankings. Sam Leavitt. 512

Sam Leavitt saw some action in his freshman year at Michigan State, although he is about to take over an offense that struggled to score in 2023. Leavitt recorded just 139 yards and two touchdowns in 2023 along with two interceptions. The Sun Devils are set to take a step forward in 2024, but Leavitt will have a lot on his shoulders.

540. . . Gerry Bohanon. 15. . Gerry Bohanon. Big 12 QB rankings. . player

Gerry Bohanon has not played since 202 when he was with the USF Bull. He spent the 2023 season injured and has now transferred to BYU after the departure of Kedon Slovis. Bohanon had one great season at Baylor in 2021 with a Sugar Bowl appearance, but after transferring to Baylor, he has not put up the numbers he did that one season. Injuries will be the question for Bohanon at BYU and if he will be able to help an already struggling offense.

Josh Hoover. player. Big 12 QB rankings. . . 466. . Josh Hoover. 14.

Josh Hoover took over a TCU offense that was left gutted after their National Championship appearance season. While Hoover came in as a young quarterback, his stats did not live up to what TCU fans had been used to. In 2023, Hoover had just 1,206 passing yards and 15 passing touchdowns with nine interceptions. Hoover might just need another season or two of experience to move up these rankings.

. Behren Morton. 468. Big 12 QB rankings. . . Behren Morton. . player. 13

The Texas Tech offense seems primed to look pretty good this season with the run game in good hands with Tahj Brooks. Behren Morton had an okay season in 2023 with 1,754 passing yards and 15 passing touchdowns, but he did have eight interceptions. He also had four touchdowns on the ground. Morton can be a top quarterback in the conference, but he needs to improve his stats in 2024.

. player. Big 12 QB rankings. . 12. 856. . . Alan Bowman. Alan Bowman

Alan Bowman had a good season in 2023 if you look at his passing yards with 3,460, but he threw almost as many interceptions as touchdowns with 15 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. However, most people know that Ollie Gordon II is the star of the offense for the Cowboys. Bowman has the ability to be a great quarterback with his ability to sling the ball, but he needs to work on his turnovers.

. Brendan Sorsby. player. . 449. . . Big 12 QB rankings. 11. Brendan Sorsby

Cincinnati landed a solid transfer quarterback out of Indiana for the 2024 season. Brendan Sorsby had good numbers at Indiana with 1,587 passing yards, 15 touchdowns, only five interceptions, and four rushing touchdowns. Sorsby could benefit from improving his passing stats, but the Bearcats are looking to struggle on offense again this season.

. Donovan Smith. 10. . 450. Big 12 QB rankings. . Donovan Smith. . player

Donovan Smith played well in 2023 with 2,801 passing yards, 22 passing touchdowns, and only 13 interceptions. Smith also rushed for 428 yards and six touchdowns which makes his a solid dual-threat quarterback. Under new head coach Willie Fritz, Smith's rushing ability could be used more than it was in 2023 raising his ceiling in the Big 12.

. . player. 460. . Dequan Finn. Big 12 QB rankings. . Dequan Finn. 9

Baylor struggled on offense in 2023 mostly due to the rotation of quarterbacks and injuries throughout the season. In 2024, the Bears are bringing in transfer Dequan Finn from Toledo who had 2,657 passing yards, 22 passing touchdowns, and only nine interceptions. Finn also showed his ability to run the ball with 563 rushing yards and seven rushing touchdowns. Finn can help the Baylor offense take a step forward in 2024, but the team as a whole will most likely still struggle.

Rocco Becht. Big 12 QB rankings. . . player. Rocco Becht. . . 8. 461

Iowa State always seems to be the silent but deadly team in the Big 12. With quarterback Rocco Becht, the Cyclones can be successful and even finish close to the top of the conference. In 2023 he has an amazing 3,120 passing yards and 23 passing touchdowns versus just 8 interceptions. His completion percentage was solid at 62.9% and with the rushing and receiving attack, the Cyclone offense could be dangerous.

. KJ Jefferson. 455. Big 12 QB rankings. . player. . KJ Jefferson. . 7

KJ Jefferson comes to UCF as one of the sleeper pickups in the Big 12. Jefferson took a step back in 2023 with only 2,107 passing yards, 19 passing touchdowns, and eight interceptions. In the offense that Gus Malzahn runs, which is meant for a more mobile quarterback like Jefferson, the Arkansas transfer can thrive and even end up being one of the top quarterbacks in the conference.

Big 12 QB rankings. . . player. . Jalon Daniels. Jalon Daniels. 462. . 6

Jalon Daniels has shown he has what it takes to be a top quarterback, but injuries are a concerning factor in his play. he was on pace to have a record-breaking season in 2023, but injuries derailed him and took him out for the year. With a returning top trio of receivers and a top running back, Daniels is set to have record stats, but the question is if he can stay healthy or not.

. . Garrett Greene. Big 12 QB rankings. . 469. . Garrett Greene. 5. player

Garrett Greene has shown he is more of a runner than a passer for the Mountaineers, showing skills similar to those of Lamar Jackson. While Green can sling the ball, his 772 rushing yards and 13 rushing touchdowns were the star of the West Virginia offense in 2023. The Mountaineers are primed to be a top offense in the Big 12, but Greene needs to balance out his passing and rushing attacks to help with that.

. Avery Johnson. player. Big 12 QB rankings. . . . 4. Avery Johnson. 463

Avery Johnson is probably the most exciting quarterback Kansas State has had since Collin Klein. Johnson's ability to be a true dual-threat quarterback, a skill he showed in his freshman season, left fans wanting more and more. Now with the departure of Will Howard to Ohio State, Wildcat fans are getting their wish.

Johnson saw action here and there in 2023 and was the starter in the Pop-Tarts Bowl. In 2023, Johnson had 479 passing yards and five passing touchdowns along with 296 rushing yards and seven rushing touchdowns, five of them coming in the game against Texas. It is yet to be seen how Johnson will take being the everyday starter, but the excitement is there.

. . 3. player. 511. Big 12 QB rankings. . . Noah Fifita. Noah Fifita

Noah Fifita is one of the more exciting up-and-coming quarterbacks in the Big 12 in 2024, behind of course Avery Johnson. Fifita is working in a top Arizona offense with one of the best wide receivers in college football in Tetairoa McMillan. Fifita put up 2,869 yards and 25 touchdowns with only six interceptions and a jaw-dropping 72.4 completion percentage in 2023.

843. Big 12 QB rankings. . Cam Rising. 2. . . . Cam Rising. player

Cam Rising didn't play in 2023 due to a rough knee injury, but now going into his seventh season along with his favorite target Brant Kuithe also returning, Rising is set to be one of the best quarterbacks in 2024. Back in 2022, Rising had 3,034 passing yards and 26 passing touchdowns along with 465 rushing yards and six rushing touchdowns. If rising can play like he did in 2022, he could send Utah to the Big 12 title game.

. Big 12 QB rankings. . player. Sheduer Sanders. Sheduer Sanders. 1. . . 514

Sheduer Sanders is looking to be one of the top quarterbacks in the country, not just the Big 12. Sanders has what it takes to make himself the No. 1 NFL Draft pick in 2025 with the numbers he can put up. The only worry is if his offensive line can protect him and give him the ability to show his skills. Colorado still is not expected to win the Big 12 in 2024, but Sanders gives them a chance to be a better team overall in the new conference.