Fans Take Snyder, Kansas State Football for Granted

Did you attend the Kansas State spring game? Certainly, you listened or watched the online coverage of the Purple team’s 38-6 win.

Bill Snyder’s Kansas State football team is anticipating an outstanding 2017 season. Some are even hinting the ‘Cats could make a run at another Big 12 Conference title.

With all of this supposed anticipation and promise, I am very surprised to see the lack of interest in the Wildcat football this past week.

First of all, only ten radio stations in the state actually carried coverage of the game. That’s right. If you were driving down the highway or working in the yard you had few options if you wanted to hear Wyatt Thompson’s call of the game.

I know you can pull up an app on your phone or get the satellite radio station. K-StateHD.TV is also available.

However, that is not always an option for fans.

The Kansas State Radio Network typically includes 30-35 stations across Kansas.

On Saturday, none of the ten stations were west of Interstate 135.  Nope, not one station in western Kansas broadcast the game. Why is that?

Can’t those stations sell Kansas State football’s spring game?

Sure, they want the regular season broadcasts but they don’t want to interrupt the weekly top-40 countdown to broadcast the Wildcat Spring game?  That is crazy and shouldn’t be allowed.

By comparison, the Nebraska spring game is on over 40 stations in 6 or 7 states.

In addition, just over 13,000 attended Saturday’s Purple and White game. There were over 14,000 last season.

Attendance was far better than the 5,000 in 2002 but not close to the record 31,000 who showed up for the spring game in 2006.

Bill Snyder didn’t coach that one.

I don’t expect the 70,000 they get in Lincoln or 43,000 in Norman.

However, out of respect for the head coach, the fans should have filled the stadium for the spring game this year. Especially this year.

Sometimes, I believe Kansas State fans take Snyder and Wildcat football for granted.  Someday fans might regret it.