Rumors: Kansas State Forced to Disclose Coach Snyder’s Fight


On Monday, Kansas State football coach Bill Snyder was forced to publicly address the rumors surrounding his health.
Due to rumors and speculation in the media, the legendary coach had no choice.

I understand why the issue of coach Snyder’s health is important. However, as I wrote over the weekend, coach Snyder deserves some privacy.

Late last week, the Wichita Eagle reported coach Snyder was being treated in Kansas City for an undisclosed health issue. They cite unnamed sources and did not report anything about the specific nature of the illness.

In a media release from Kansas State on Monday, Snyder said,

“I feel bad having to release this information about my health in this manner prior to sharing it in person with so many personal friends, distant family, players and their families, past and present, and many of the Kansas State football family so close to our program.”

You know Snyder was unhappy with being forced to discuss this issue that won’t prohibit him from coaching.

“But, with so much talk presently out there, I certainly owe it to everyone to make them aware of my condition,” he said according to the media statement.

“I have been diagnosed with throat cancer and have been receiving outpatient treatment at the KU Medical Center for about three weeks and am getting along very well.”

Isn’t anything off limits? Hasn’t coach Snyder earned a little privacy. At 77, Snyder may be dealing with a variety of health issues.

Fans worship college football in Manhattan and Snyder is the leader. Everyone knows that the man responsible for the greatest turnaround in college football history will one day step aside for good.

There are many things fans don’t need to know about coach Snyder and especially his health.

He doesn’t have to release a statement on what play he is going to run against Oklahoma on 4th and goal at the 3-yard line. We trust him. So far, it’s worked well. We need to trust him now.

Now coach Snyder was forced to communicate on a delicate topic long before he wanted to discuss it.

“The doctors and staffs at both KU Med and M.D. Anderson (in Houston, Texas) have been great; working so very well together to finalize the overall treatment plan which is being conducted in Kansas City,” Snyder reported.

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“Both ‘teams’ project a positive outcome and have worked out a schedule that allows me to be in Kansas City for my regular treatments and still be back in the office on a regular basis through the first week of March.

Sean, along with our coaching and support staffs, remain highly productive in carrying out their responsibilities keeping us on track.”

Snyder’s doctors says his prognosis is excellent. The hall of fame head coach fully expects to be on the field for the start of spring practice in March. The Purple/White Spring Game is April 22.