What Kansas State Fans Need To Know About Coach Snyder


Kansas State University is not reporting any news on head football coach Bill Snyder receiving medical treatments. The legendary coach did not issue a statement and we have not heard anything from Kansas State Athletics.

I understand why the issue of coach Snyder’s health is important. However, the man deserves some privacy right now.

The Wichita Eagle reported coach Snyder was being treated in Kansas City for an undisclosed health issue.  They use unnamed sources and did not report anything about the specific nature of the illness. As a result, the college football world is upside down.

I am not criticizing the reporter or the newspaper. That is their job.

However, Isn’t anything off limits?  Hasn’t coach Snyder earned a little privacy. At 77, Snyder may be dealing with a variety of health issues.

Fans worship college football in Manhattan and Snyder is the leader.

Everyone knows that the man responsible for the greatest turnaround in college football history will one day step aside for good.

There are many things we don’t know and don’t need to know.  Coach Snyder will communicate when he is ready.

Here is what we do know.

Athletic Director John Currie is one of the best at what he does. He will know what to do when the time comes. There are coaches who will step up and lead.

The Ron Prince debacle is not going to happen a second time.

The Wildcats have an outstanding coaching staff working around the clock to prepare for what will be an exceptional 2017 season. They know what coach Snyder expects and how he works.

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Kansas State just added 23 players on National Signing Day. Coach Snyder and his staff recruited these Wildcats. They are just what the team needs.

The Kansas State Wildcat Spring game is scheduled for April 22.

Coach Snyder may or may not be available to participate in those practices and the purple and white contest.

Kansas State University and the football program will be fine if he is not there for the spring drills. The coach deserves time to get healthy.

Finally, I do know another thing that will help. You need to keep the coach, his family and the team in your prayers.