Kansas State, Big 12 Should Do More To Wake Up Baylor


Kansas State is no stranger to bad press. Nobody likes to see it or read it. Most of us don’t even want to know. Fortunately the Wildcats are in a conference taking action to bring change.

I have no intention of reminding Wildcat fans of past mistakes by school administrators, coaches or players. Some instances were very expensive.

It happens and as soon as the news cycle moves on, punishment is delivered and lessons learned, the better for Kansas State and the conference.

The recent scandal at Baylor has put a black eye on the University and the rest of the conference. It may take years to go away. For months we’ve been reading the awful headlines. It seems to get worse each month.

I was especially upset by the recent news that included the text messages by coaches. However, I’m sure most were not surprised.

On Wednesday, the Big 12 Conference made an announcement that may help bring change in Waco.

The Big 12 Conference Board of Directors voted unanimously to withhold one-quarter (25 percent) of future revenue distribution payments to Baylor University, pending the outcome of third-party verification review of required changes to Baylor’s athletics procedures and to institutional governance of its intercollegiate athletics programs, among other matters, according to a media release from the conference.

This means millions of dollars.

Conference Board of Director’s Chairman David Boren said, “The Board is unified in establishing a process to verify that proper institutional controls are in place and sustainable.”

Boren is also the President at the University of Oklahoma. He might want to consider similar controls for the football program in Norman?

I’m glad to see the Big 12 Conference is withholding Baylor’s share of any future revenue distribution until the proper execution of controls is independently verified.

If they follow through on change and comply with Title IX, they will get the money.

As the media release stated, “By taking these actions the Board desires to ensure that the changes that were promised are actually made and that systems are in place to avoid future problems.

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Baylor was not included in the Board vote.

Wednesday’s news is good but it is just a first step. Some were calling on the conference to make additional changes that would impact the Bear’s football schedule.  Maybe limit recruits?

They could send a few of those student-athletes to Kansas State?

The Baylor basketball team was prohibited from playing non-conference games in 2005-6 after a murder and related scandal in 2003.

Maybe it’s time to consider a similar punishment?