75 Days To K-State Football: The West Stadium Center


For our next installment of the 100 day countdown to kickoff against North Dakota State University, 75 marks the days left until kick-off at Bill Snyder Family Stadium and the cost, in millions of the new West Stadium Center. Described by school officials as “The New Northwest Gateway to the K-State Campus,” the stadium expansion is undergoing aggressive construction as you read this in order to be ready in 75 days for the first game of the year.

The $75 million fundraising campaign for the new west side of the stadium was conducted with several goals in mind. The most immediate will be aesthetics – visitors will be entreated to a much larger (and humbling) construct. Phase two of a seven phase plan, the new building will feature the signature limestone that can be identified throughout campus.

The physical undertaking began at 9 am on December 15, 2012 when the old press box was imploded by controlled explosion. The old building, built in 1994, stretched from 30 yard line to 30 yard line, while the new one will extend from one end zone to the other. It will contain 250,000 square feet and offer an array of new amenities. In addition to the street-level all-sport ticketing office and larger team store, fans will be able to wander a Hall of Honor recounting the history of all 16 K-State sports.

Concession stands will be more accessible, as points of sale will be increased from 14 to 50. Restroom fixtures will more than double (to relieve all the Coke being purchased now that it’s accesible, and, if we’re lucky, beer…). New suites and loge and club level seats will be available, and improved ADA seating will be highlighted as well. Finally, a student-athlete dining will be found within the facility.

This project has been in the works for awhile, and should be a great addition to the stadium. It will make the grounds more impressive and the Hall of Honor should be an exciting addendum. I can remember the excitement a decade ago when the football team was enjoying success and there was a frenzied interest in upgrading facilities, but this addition should truly bring the stadium into the 21st century. For more information and computer-generated renderings of the project, visit the campaign’s website here.

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