Braden Wilson Increases Chances With Kansas City Chiefs With Release of Patrick DiMarco


Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

As discussed here last week, an acquisition for Arizona Cardinals fullback Anthony Sherman complicated the Chiefs’ roster with four (and arguably five) fullbacks competing for one spot, following the sixth round selection of Kansas State fullback Braden Wilson. And while Wilson was likely unexcited about the trade for Sherman, the recent release of FB Patrick DeMarco should help him rest at least a little easier.

DeMarco came to Kansas City in August of 2012 as a free agent. However, he was not a highly valued component of the team and only saw action in five games – all towards the end of the season when Kansas City’s shot at a division title was already toast.

The Chiefs, with a reformation of the front office this year, have developed a greater emphasis on the position and will undoubtedly look for a player better than Nate Eachus, who assumed the role last year but is in no way built to play the position. The team brought in Ryan D’Imperio in late March this year in the interest of having at least one true fullback on the roster. Considering the teams’ recent acquisitions, D’Imperio is a longshot to make the team. However, Wilson must still battle to solidify a spot over Sherman with the Chiefs this year.