Jug Of News (08.03.12)


Welcome to our humble abode. Pull up a seat and grab a glass for a sip from today’s Jug of News. Hit the jump for Brady’s reminisces about his life as a certain type of Olympian, a prized football recruit putting KSU in his top 3, and lot of preseason poll news.

As you may have guessed from his svelte physique and regal bearing, JOS columnist Brady Bauman is an Olympian… of sorts. In yesterday’s edition of “Bill Snyder Laughed SO Hard…”, Brady recounts his trials and travails in pursuit of the elusive gold medal–in his high school 4-H club’s Barnyard Olympics. And of course he talks about that other Olympic games going on across the pond as well.

David Ubben, the Big 12 blogger for ESPN, put out his “assessment” of the Wildcats’ chances to win the conference. He cites three reasons they will, and three reasons they won’t. For once, I can find little to quibble with in his analysis of the team.

Preseason polling, always fickle, has begun in earnest–and none of the polls seem to agree with each other. First, Yahoo’s Mike Huguenin came out with a completely ludicrous ranking of #31 for the Cats. And then, yesterday, we have The Sporting News placing KSU at #6. Today, the USA Today’s coaches’ poll has K-State at #21–but 6th out of the six Big 12 teams ranked in the poll. The preseason disrespect continues, and will likely be duly noted by the players.

Today also marked the release of the FS Preseason Top 25, in which yours truly casts a ballot. Kansas State checks in at #13 in these rankings which, while slightly lower than I had them on my ballot, seems like a fair ranking.

Finally, you have to love it when a prized junior college recruit puts the Cats high on his list. Star linebacker Marcus Jenkins-Moore has K-State among his final three schools. With the impending graduation of future NFL linebacker Arthur Brown, this is very welcome news indeed. Hopefully Charley Dickey can seal the deal, and bring Jenkins-Moore to Manhattan next season.

CODA: Kevin Kietzman–and his son, Spencer–are lying liars, who tried to convince people that former K-State great Jacob Pullen is a serial criminal. Just keeping that little tidbit front-of-mind, in hopes that people will pressure them both into issuing a full retraction and an apology.

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