Jug Of News (07.09.12): Kevin and Spencer Keitzman Claim Jake Pullen Is A Serial Criminal


I’m going to dispense with the usual frivolous introduction here. There’s really only one story worth talking about from the last few days. On July 5, Kevin Keitzman claimed that Jacob Pullen used “wire cutters” to steal multiple bicycles during his time on the K-State campus, based solely on the word of his son, Spencer, who claimed he’d seen Jake riding his (Spencer’s) bike after it was stolen. According to Kevin, Spencer also claimed that Pullen was well-known as a notorious bike thief, carrying wire cutters around in his back pocket to facilitate the thefts.

After both men came under well-deserved attack for making such idiotic claims, Kevin then took to the airwaves with a modified version of the story, downplaying the kerfuffle, and trying to subtly walk back some of the worst of the accusations. There was no apology for falsely accusing Pullen of a crime. There was no hint of remorse for what he’d said on the air.

At this point, I wish I had less scruples about what I put in print here. There are stories about Kevin Kietzman that would make your skin crawl–even more than his smarminess already does, that is. I wish I could run with what I know. He would sic his lawyers on me, and he would lose, but I just can’t get past my own moral compass that won’t let me do it. The furthest I will go is a harsh parody I wrote, skewering Spencer (and his father) for the idiotic accusations, called “Spencer Kietzman: Cat Burglar.”

In happier K-State news, the men’s basketball team has begun preparations for their upcoming Brazil trip. Also, K-State golf’s Hanna Roos has been named an All-American Scholar.

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