Jug Of News (07.30.12)


Welcome to our humble abode. Pull up a seat and grab a glass for a sip from today’s Jug of News. Hit the jump for two KSU golfers making it to the finals of the Kansas Amateur Open, JOS columnist Danna Voegeli explaining how our athletic department has managed to exceed expectations once again, and more.

It was an all-Purple final at the Kansas Amateur Open golf championship. Current K-State golfer, rising senior Ben Juffer, faced off against Wildcat alum Kyle Smell in the match play final on Sunday. Smell defeated Juffer 2-up in the 36-hole match to take home the crown. (That score means that Smell won two more holes than did Juffer.)

On Friday morning, Danna Voegili took a look at how K-State’s athletic department is once again exceeding expectations. While athletic director John Currie is part of the reason why, she concludes that it took a collaborated effort, and cites examples of several groups who played a role in K-State becoming the most profitable athletic department in the country.

Now for some quick hits:

Marshall Meek took a look at the week-that-was, in Saturday’s “Wildcat Weekly Wrap.”

After the controversy over the Big 12 Media’s fairly ludicrous 6th-place ranking of KSU in their preseason poll, ESPN’s Big 12 blogger David Ubben released his own ballot. Suffice to say, KSU is much higher than 6th.

Fansided’s Jayhawk-themed blog, Through The Phog, has a preview up of this year’s Wildcat football team.

Wildcat football tickets are selling quicker than ever, so if you plan on attending, you should probably get your tickets now.

Erik Kynard starts his quest for Olympic gold on August 5. If you haven’t yet watched his “Erik Kynard. High Jump U. See you in London.” video, you’re missing out.

CODA: Kevin Kietzman–and his son, Spencer–are lying liars, who tried to convince people that former K-State great Jacob Pullen is a serial criminal. Just keeping that little tidbit front-of-mind, in hopes that people will pressure them both into issuing a full retraction and an apology.

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