Ranking each Kansas State offensive coordinator in the last decade

Kansas State has had a great offense for a long time, so which coordinators were behind such great play-calling?
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player. . 1. Collin Klein. 463. Kansas State OC. . 2022-2023. Collin Klein.

Anyone who is a Kansas State fan knows the name Collin Klein both as a player and a coach. Klein was the great big hope for Kansas State to win a National Championship back in 2012 and was almost a Heisman trophy winner. After his days on the field came to a close, Klein made his way into coaching starting in the smaller ranks of Snyder's coaching staff.

Klein made his way up to the coaching ranks and spent a lot of time as the quarterbacks coach until 2022 when Klieman promoted Klein to the offensive coordinator position. With Will Hwoard at quarterback and such a great run game, Kleins numbers spoke for themselves.

In his first season as an offensive coordinator, the offense averaged 418.8 total yards, 210.5 passing, and 208.3 rushing. With the combination of Will Howard and Adrian Martinez, the passing game was never a problem for the Wildcats. Then you add Deuce Vaughn running all over the field, all of this led the Wildcats to a 10-4 record.

His second year was even better than his first with the offense averaging 445.2 total yards, 241.2 passing, and 204.1 rushing. Klein knew how to get the offense rolling and it showed, unfortunately, the Wildcats had other areas they need to work on.

Even in just two at Kansas State, Klein had the best offensive stats of any other coordinator in the last 10 years.

Unfortunately for Kansas State, Klein left after two seasons in the offensive coordinator position for the same job at Texas A&M. Wildcat fans were excited to see what Klein would do with Avery Johnson at quarterback, but Klein is still a beloved member of the Kansas State family and well wishes in his next position.