Ranking each Kansas State offensive coordinator in the last decade

Kansas State has had a great offense for a long time, so which coordinators were behind such great play-calling?
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. Dana Dimel. . player. Kansas State OC. . Dana Dimel. 2. 463. 2014-2017

Dana Dimel was the sole offensive coordinator for the Wildcats in 2017, but from 2014 to 2026 he was a co-offensive coordinator with Del Miller. The year he was the only coordinator, Dimel's numbers weren't bad, the offense averaged 372.5 yards per game, 173.8 passing, and 198.8 rushing.

The run game was a big part of Dimel's offense as shown by the numbers. A lot of that is thanks to who was running the ball, but also the offensive line that was able to create solid running lanes.

From 2014 to 2016 however, when Dimel worked with Miller, the offense had its best season in 2014 when it averaged 421.6 total yards, 287.4 passing, and 134.2 rushing. The duo of Jake Waters and Tyler Lockett was great and worked well in the passing game. Lockett was in his final season before heading to the NFL Draft and he has records in his sights.

However, the offense took a dive in 2015 and 2016 averaging just over 333 total yards in 2015 and almost 390 yards in 2016. After such a great season in 2014, with the big names leaving, it seemed the offense would dip, but not as much as it did.

Dimel knew how to make the Kansas State offense work and it shows in the stats. However, just one coordinator had a better time at Kansas State and it is a name every Wildcat knows and wishes could have stuck around longer.