Ranking each Kansas State offensive coordinator in the last decade

Kansas State has had a great offense for a long time, so which coordinators were behind such great play-calling?
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3. player. 463. . Courtney Messingham. Courtney Messingham. . 2019-2021. Kansas State OC.

Courtney Messginham had the task of being the first offensive coordinator in the Chris Klieman era at Kansas State, the first head coach since Snyder retired. That is a tall task because everyone at Kansas State and in college football wondered what Kansas State would be like after Bill Snyder left and Klieman was certainly up to the task.

Klieman built a great coaching staff around him that included Messingham. In his first season as the offensive coordinator, the offense averaged 360.6 total yards per game, 180.9 passing, and 179.6 rushing. For a team that had a new head coach and coaching staff, that is pretty good, especially because that team also went 8-5 in his first season.

Messingham did see his offensive numbers drop significantly in 2020, but that is to be expected with the shortened season due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the number of players that chose not to play.

However, in his final season as the offensive coordinator, his numbers were very similar to his first season with the offense averaging 361.7 total yards per game, 199.2 passing yards, and 162.5 rushing yards. The passing statistics increased with both Skylar Thompson and Will Howard under center due to injuries throughout the season.

Messingham was a good coordinator for the Wildcats and he was great with Klieman, but there are other coordinators in the past decade that were able to bring more out of the offense.