Ranking each Kansas State offensive coordinator in the last decade

Kansas State has had a great offense for a long time, so which coordinators were behind such great play-calling?
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In the world of college football, the coaching carousel is constantly turning. Some schools end up with one head coach for years while others seem to go through them like candy. Kansas State has been fortunate enough to only have three head coaches since 1988, Bill Snyder, Ron Prince, Bill Snyder again, and Chris Klieman.

Now while the head coaches have stayed pretty stagnant for the Wildcats, the offensive coordinator position has not. Typically with new coaches comes new coordinators, but coordinators are also trying to become head coaches, so the coordinators only stick around for a few years at a time normally.

Kansas State is not immune to this, even for legendary coach Bill Snyder. He has many coordinators in his time, and he coached for a very long time at Kansas State. So looking back at the last decade of Kansas State football, which offensive coordinators were the best, and which ones could have been better?

Here are all the offensive coordinators of the last decade at Kansas State ranked.

4. player. Kansas State OC. Andre Coleman. . . . 2018. Andre Coleman. 463

Andre Coleman was the offensive coordinator for the Wildcats for just one season back in 2018. So with only one season of stats to compare, that is part of the reason he comes in fourth in the rankings.

Coleman was the offensive coordinator for Bill Snyder's final season at Kansas State so it makes sense that when Chris Klieman took over, he brought in his own offensive coordinator. That final season that Snyder was the head coach and Coleman was the offensive coordinator, the offense averaged 344.7 total yards per game, 162.1 passing, and 182.6 rushing.

Coleman put up okay numbers as a coordinator, but with the names that were on that Kansas State roster, the offense could have produced more. With Snyder officially retiring, it made sense that Coleman would be out of a job, but he did well for the one season, just was never able to build on that.