No spring football game at Kansas State for fourth straight year

Chris Klieman has chosen yet again to keep his spring football practices private and not to have a spring football game.
Nov 19, 2022; Morgantown, West Virginia, USA; Kansas State Wildcats head coach Chris Klieman
Nov 19, 2022; Morgantown, West Virginia, USA; Kansas State Wildcats head coach Chris Klieman / Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

As spring football practices are underway in Manhattan, Kansas, fans still have to wait seven months to see their favorite Wildcats in action on the field. Head coach Chris Klieman for the fourth time in his five years at Kansas State will not hold a spring football game and will keep spring practices private.

When asked as to why there would be no spring game again this year, Klieman acknowledged the fun that comes with a spring game but feels as though he can't get a good read on his team at this time. With so many Kansas State players having season-ending surgeries, those guys are still not cleared to practice. Klieman also knows he does not have his full squad yet.

Those who signed with Kansas State or transferred may or may not have enrolled early, so all of the new guys that these spring practices benefit are not all there. Now while this concept might seem fair, and seemed to be more logical back in 2023 when the Wildcats were even more banged up than they are now, why do this again this year?

Here are the NCAA rules for spring practices.

  • 34 days (20 hours a week) of unrestricted activities
  • At least one day off per week
  • 15 on-field practices, no more than 12 involving contact
  • Only eight devoted to 11-on-11 scrimmages

So looking at these rules, while the fear of injury is always present, this is a time to get young guys into action and feel welcome by the team and their fans. If there is one thing Kansas State fans are known for, it's passion for their Wildcats. So why not hold the spring game?

Yes, you have injuries that some guys are still recovering from and they are still out at practice watching and learning. So where is the harm in letting veterans be there for young guys in the heat of a "game" and let them make a play and hear the roar of the crowd and truly feel welcomed into the Kansas State community?

With all the hype around Avery Johnson and what he will do for the Wildcats going forward, fans are chomping at the bit to see him in action. So while Klieman has valid reasons as to why he doesn't want to hold a spring game, there will still always be questions.

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