Fill The Bill: The 5 biggest crowds in Kansas State football history

There have been a lot of great games played at Bill Snyder Family Stadium, and Kansas State fans new how to fill The Bill.
Nov 11, 2023; Manhattan, Kansas, USA; The Kansas State Wildcats Pride of Wildcat Land Marching Band
Nov 11, 2023; Manhattan, Kansas, USA; The Kansas State Wildcats Pride of Wildcat Land Marching Band / Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports
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Kansas State's football stadium is named after the legendary College Football Hall of Fame coach Bill Snyder. The stadium was given the name Bill Snyder Family Stadium before the final game of the 2005 season to honor the retiring coach. Then Snyder played an uno reverse card and ended up coming back to coach the Wildcats in a stadium named after him.

Bill Snyder will forever be the most beloved coach in Kansas State football history, hence why the stadium is named after him. The stadium holds a capacity of 50,000 people, but Wildcat fans know how to fill that stadium to the brim and overcome that capacity.

Now the stadium did not always hold that much when it was built back in 1968, then it only helped 35,000 people. Through to years, more and more renovations have taken place to add more and more seating along with boxes and suites.

So let's have a little fun here and look at some of the largest capacity crowds that have ever filled Bill Snyder Family Stadium, affectionately known as The Bill. Let's see which games drew the biggest and rowdiest crowds in Kansas State football history.

NR. 462. . November 29, 2014. . Kansas State football. No. 12. 463. 53,439 in attendance

Let me remind you that the capacity of The Bill is 50,000 people, so as you can see, if this is where we are starting on the list, it is going to get a little crazy.

Of course, this wouldn't be much of a list if there wasn't at least one Sunflower Showdown game. In 2014, Kansas State was ranked No. 12 and going for their ninth win of the season and their sixth straight win over the Jayhawks.

This game was not only huge because of the crowd and the fact that it was a rivalry game, but this was the game where Tyler Lockett broke the all-time K-State record for career receptions and tied the all-time Kansas State record for touchdown catches.

The Wildcats went on to steamroll the Jayhawks to get thier sixth straight Sunflower Showdown win 51-13 and went on to finish the season 9-4 under Bill Snyder.