Examining the all-time Bill Snyder team for Kansas State football

College Football Hall of Fame coach Bill Snyder had two stints at Kansas State and goes down as a legend at the school. So what would an all-time Bill Snyder team look like?
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Tight Ends

Justin Swift

Kansas State career: 1995-1998
Receiving yards: 697 yards
Receiving touchdowns: 6 touchdowns

Now the numbers may not look flashy but Swift was one of the greatest tight ends to play at Kansas State. After a solid career under Bill Snyder, Swift was drafted in the seventh round by the Denver Broncos. Unfortunately, his career was never able to take off and Swift left the game of football.

Shad Meier

Kansas State career: 1997-2000
Receiving yards: 227 yards
Receiving touchdowns: 1 touchdown

Shad Meier also does not have very flashy numbers, however, he was a great blocking tight end and knew his role. Meier was drafted by the Tennessee Titans in 2001 in the third round and played in the NFL for six years before retiring.