Cooper Beebe joins former teammate Deuce Vaughn in Dallas as third-round pick

Cooper Beebe is the second Wildcat off the draft board as the Cowboys steal him in the third round.
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Cooper Beebe is officially off the board and reunited with former teammate Deuce Vaughn in Dallas. The Cowboys landed Beebe with the 74th pick in the third round of the 2024 NFL Draft.

It seemed as though Beebe was a lock as a second-round pick with potential in the first round, but teams let him slip to the third round, and the Cowboys slipped in a stole him off the board.

Beebe came in as one of the top-rated guards in the draft after six seasons with the Wildcats. He is also a part of legendary coach Bill Snyder's final team from 2019. Beebe will join a Cowboys offensive line that can use a lot of help in protecting Dak Prescott.

With his ability to play just about anywhere on the line, Beebe will be like a Swiss army knife for the Cowboys. He will mostly like compete for the center position, but with Beebe's upside, the Cowboys got an absolute steal in the third round of the draft.

Beebe ended his college career with back-to-back Big 12 Offensive Lineman of the Year awards, was a unanimous All-American in 2023, and a First-Team All-American. Beebe is a big guy who knows how to block rushers well. He can also create running lanes for running backs, which if the Cowboys get a rookie running back or use one of their backups from last season, could be very helpful.

If the Cowboys choose to use Vaughn more this season behind Beebe, being former teammates will give them a leg up on working together. All in all, Beebe was a steal for a Cowboys team that always seems to be in the running but can't seem to make it to the finish line. Maybe with more protection and helping the run game, Beebe can help the Cowboys find the finish line.