3 Worst head coach hires in Kansas State football history

Kansas State has had many head coaches in its lifetime. We all know Bill Snyder as the greatest, but who are some of the worst?
Missouri v Kansas State
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. 1986-1988. Kansas State football. 2-30-1 overall record. Stan Parrish. 463. . player. Stan Parrish. 1

Stan Parrish will go down, so far, as the worst coach in Kansas State football history. In his three seasons at Kansas State, Parrish only won two games and they were both in his first season. His last win came over Kansas, which Kansas State fans can always rejoice in, but he then went winless for the first time since 1966.

Parrish being one of the worst coaches however did work out for Kansas State in a way. After the Wildcats fired Parrish, they brought in a man called Bill Snyder, yes that is right, the Bill Snyder. Snyder would go on to be the most successful coach in Kansas State history to this date.

Here is a break down of Parrish's seasons at Kansas State.

  • 1986: 2-9 Overall
  • 1987: 0-10-1 Overall
  • 1988: 0-11 Overall

Parrish sadly passed away back in April 2022, and while he may not have been a successful head coach at Kansas State, he was successful at other programs and will be fondly remembered.