3 Worst head coach hires in Kansas State football history

Kansas State has had many head coaches in its lifetime. We all know Bill Snyder as the greatest, but who are some of the worst?
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Kansas State football. 1960-1966. . Doug Weaver. 2. . Doug Weaver. 463. 8-60-1 overall record. player

Doug Weaver was named head coach at Kansas State at the age of 29. Weaver started his coaching career at Michigan State for one year and Missouri for one year. He was not even 30 years old yet and was handed the keys to the kingdom. In his seven seasons with the Wildcats, Weaver went 8-60-1 overall and 4-43-1 in conference play.

Weaver's team suffered an 18-game losing streak from 1961 to 1962 and then he did not win a game in his final two seasons at Kansas State. His best season with the Wildcats was a year when his team won three games, let me say it again, three games. All three of those wins were by a combined six total points.

Here is a break down of Weaver's seasons at Kansas State.

  • 1960: 1-9 Overall
  • 1961: 2-8 Overall
  • 1962: 0-10 Overall
  • 1963: 2-7 Overall
  • 1964: 3-7 Overall
  • 1965: 0-10 Overall
  • 1966: 0-9-1 Overall

Weaver was fired by Kansas State after the 1966 season. Weaver totaled three seasons without a win.