3 Worst head coach hires in Kansas State football history

Kansas State has had many head coaches in its lifetime. We all know Bill Snyder as the greatest, but who are some of the worst?
Missouri v Kansas State
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463. Ron Prince. Ron Prince. player. . . 2006-2008. Kansas State football. 17-20 overall record. 3

Now it may seem like Ron Prince should be on this list due to being so close to having a .500 record, however, Kansas State fans know why he is here. Prince had double-digit wins in his time at Kansas State, which is something quite a few former Kansas State coaches can't say they had. However, Prince took a once-dominant program under Bill Snyder and destroyed it.

Prince spent three seasons with the Wildcats and had big shoes to fill after Bill Snyder announced his retirement, in 2005. Prince was selected to follow a Hall of Fame coach, which yes is scary, but after being given the keys to the kingdom, squandered a great opportunity.

Prince also did something that is almost unforgivable by Kansas State fans. He went 0-9 against Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri. He lost three straight games against Kansas, his last one 52-21. Here is how Prince's record played out in his three seasons with the Wildcats.

  • 2006: 7-6, Loss to No. 16 Rutgers in Texas Bowl
  • 2007: 5-7, No bowl appearance
  • 2008: 5-7, No bowl appearance

On November 5, 2008, after just signing a new contract earlier in the year through 2012, Prince was fired and received a buyout from the university.