3 worst coaching hires in Kansas State basketball history

Jerome Tang is still young when it comes to head coaching careers and Kansas State fans love him. Here are some coaches that fans weren't so fond of.

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Kansas State MBB. Frank Root. 1. 463. . . 38-72 overall record. Frank Root. 1933-1939. player

While there is not a lot of information to be found on Frank Root, looking at his record with the Wildcats, it is safe to say his time at K-State was not great. With a 38-72 overall record, Root had a 0.345 win percentage.

Root was only 19-47 in conference play as well when the Wildcats were in the Big 6. Root never had a tournament appearance or won any awards within the conference. Root never had a winning season at Kansas State either.

Here is a breakdown of Root's time with the Wildcats.

1933-1934: 3-15 overall
1934-1935: 5-15 overall
1935-1936: 9-9 overall
1936-1937: 9-9 overall
1937-1938: 7-11 overall
1938-1939: 5-13 overall

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