Wildcat to Bengal for Kansas State’s Willis

Kansas State Wildcat defensive end Jordan Willis waited patiently through round one Thursday and round 2 Friday. Cincinnati made him the 73rd pick in the NFL draft.

According to their draft needs via NFL.com, Kansas State star defensive end Willis is perfect for the Bengals.

Why did other NFL teams pass on Willis in the opening two rounds of the draft? Few Big 12 players were taken through the first 3 rounds


Teams selected a half-dozen other defensive ends in the opening round. Several from the Southeastern Conference.


Several other defensive ends were selected ahead of Willis in round two.

Does this tell us anything about Bill Snyder’s Kansas State football and the conference? Probably, but we may not want to know.


I could not believe the Kansas City Chiefs took a defensive end from Villanova in round two. Seriously?

The last NFL star from this basketball school — Howie Long. With that # 59 pick the Chiefs selected Tanoh Kpassagnon not Willis? C’mon man?

I’m not the first to admit I don’t understand some of these picks.

It’s such a crazy process. The how and why teams take this or that player is very strange.

Everyone has their theory on when to take a specific position player or when to wait.

As a matter of fact, most of it is a wild guess. Kansas State is going to miss him when the football  season kicks off this fall. Nobody will care what round the Bengals picked him

A year or two from now, the Chiefs and a few other teams will be kicking themselves for not drafting him.