Negative Social Media Hurts Kansas State Basketball Recruiting

Kansas State basketball coach Bruce Weber is busy looking for players.
Negative social media is not helping him do his job.

Weber needs all the help he can get for next season. He lost a couple of very important, reliable players in Wesley Iwundu and D.J. Johnson.

In December, Weber also lost 7’ center Dante Williams.

Weber is desperate for front court players. While Isaiah Maurice showed flashes of outstanding play late last season, he also spent time in Weber’s doghouse.

Weber suspended Maurice in December prior to a game against Colorado State.

Since Kansas State is desperate for basketball players, Weber can’t be happy with what happened online this week.

On Monday, Kansas State introduced Weber’s new boss- athletic director Gene Taylor.

Social media exploded during and after the introductory press conference when Kansas State President Richard Myers hinted that a contract extension was in the works for coach Bruce Weber.

The Wildcats should give Weber an extension. It is unfortunate fans reacted so negatively on twitter to news that an extension was under consideration.


On the other hand, Myers and everyone else knows the future of the basketball coach and any contract extension is up to Taylor.

As a matter of fact, top junior college transfers or high school stars considering Kansas State also follow trends on social media.

Why would they want to sign with a coach who has to also battle controversy over a contract extension?

You know what they are thinking. Will Weber be the coach in a year? Maybe this coach is not popular. Maybe I need to consider playing basketball for another coach.

If I was Weber, I’d be furious.