Do Kansas State Fans Have Inferiority Complex?


Kansas State University Students do some amazing things in the classroom and on the field of play. New University President Richard Myers is impressed with them but disappointed with how they act at sporting events.

Do Kansas State students have an inferiority complex?

University president Richard Myers is not happy with how they act at basketball games.

He is calling on them to stop the vulgar chant they used on national TV during ESPN’s big Monday game against the team from Douglas County.

I won’t even mention “Sandstorm.”

The chant is simply a four-letter word followed by KU.

Students use it during songs and especially when playing the in-state rival–Kansas State’s only rival.

The chant didn’t change the outcome of the Feb 6. game at Bramlage Coliseum. I doubt fans will stop chanting but Myers is trying.

Myers is a former K-State student. During the time he was on campus to earn a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (1965), the Wildcats lost a lot of football games.

From 1961-65 the team in Douglas County beat Kansas State by a combined total 147-0 while under the direction of coach Doug Weaver.  That will make you shout an expletive!

On the school’s web site Wednesday, Myers expressed how impressed he is by the university’s students, faculty and staff but, “One surprise that has not been pleasant is hearing a vulgar chant at sporting events targeted at our in-state rival.”

Myers wrote, “It’s easy to see how one can get caught up in the moment. However, many of my friends across the nation reached out to me following last week’s men’s basketball game and expressed their dismay.

The chant was clearly heard from coast to coast on national television. It was personally embarrassing and not what one expects from a world-class university.
The strength of the Wildcat family lies in passing our legacy from one generation to the next.,”

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Myers said his request to clean up the act is due in part to considering the future. ”

I think about those younger fans sitting in the stands or watching on television and know they represent our next generation. As we continue the spring competition season, let’s show them the Wildcat Way.”

Didn’t Bill Self once ask KU students to stop the vulgar chant on kickoffs during football games?

That didn’t go over well and I don’t expect this will either.