Kansas State National Signing Day Class Rank Not Critical


Kansas State Football fans have Wednesday marked on their calendars. They can’t wait to see what National Signing Day will bring to coach Bill Snyder and the staff.

Some college football program live and die with where their class is ranked. If they don’t have a top 10 recruiting class something is wrong.

Going into this year’s National Signing Day, Kansas State’s class of 2017 is ranked #69 by Scouts.com

The almighty Oklahoma is #5, Texas #31, Oklahoma State #35, Baylor #37, Texas Tech, 47, TCU #49, Iowa State #43, West Virginia is 51 and Kansas is #74.

It doesn’t seem to matter where the Wildcat class is ranked.

I don’t place much stock in the player, rating, ranking or the class rank.

I’m not sure coach Bill Snyder does either.

The highest ranked Kansas State recruiting class in recent years is #48 in 2015. In 2012 they were beyond the century mark at # 106.

In 2016, Kansas State was 73. They were #54 in 2014

In 2013, Kansas State’s class was ranked #68. The same year, Scout ranked the University of Kansas class 13 places higher than Kansas State. It didn’t seem to impact the Jayhawks. They are still in the basement of the conference.

According to the Scout website, Team Rankings are a math formula that based on a player’s rating and his rankings. A 5-Star is a rating; No. 1 quarterback is his ranking.

5 Star = 200 points
4 Star = 120 points
3 Star = 40 points
2 Star = 20 points

The No. 1 player at a position is worth 100 points, counting down to the last ranked player at his position to 0.

For Example, assuming Scout ranks 100 quarterbacks.

5-Star, No. 1 QB = 300 points
4-Star, No. 10 QB = 210 points
3-Star, No. 50 QB = 90 points
2-Star, No. 75 QB = 45 points

The position points are a 100-point sliding scale based on the total number of players ranked. Using the No. 100 for quarterbacks is just an example, very few positions have exactly 100 players ranked.

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The Team Rankings are compiled of the Top 25 players per class. Some teams will over-sign, but only 25 count towards the Team Rankings.

It’s fun for the fans and it’s great for media.

Coach Bill Snyder and the Wildcat football staff get a lot out whoever decides they want to play in Manhattan. The ranking or rating don’t mean as much.