Edgier Uniforms For Kansas State Football Will Come


It may not happen until after Bill Snyder retires, but Kansas State will eventually add an ‘edgy’ football uniform and take recruiting to the next level.

Can you envision Kansas State taking the field wearing bold uniforms such as this concept by user footballuniformconcepts on Instagram? How about these duds posted by user Disciminhater on the SportsLogos.net forums? Would you at least settle for the “subtle” helmet upgrade as pictured here?

we now live in an era where fancy uniforms win over good football players

Fancy uniforms don’t win football games; good players win football games. While this is accurate, so is the fact we now live in an era where fancy uniforms win over good football players. “Outrageous uniforms are in,” says Ralph Russo of the Associated Press. “While some traditionalists find them downright offensive, kids dig ’em. That’s all that matters.”

And the fact “kids dig ’em” is exactly why Kansas State will eventually follow suit.  Not to sound like a “30 for 30” ad but, what if I told you that an edgier uniform template would lead to a significant upgrade in recruiting?

Image is everything today and there’s no denying the success a team like Oregon has had since their uniforms began to boldly go where no team has gone before. Coach Mark Helfrich is the first to admit the flashier uniforms “opened doors” for his school and put them “in front of different people.” Translation: bizarre uniforms equal better recruiting.

More than 40 FBS schools updated their uniform templates prior to the 2013 season. Even more designs debuted in 2014, each more bold than the last. The word is out that even bad football teams like Maryland can draw more attention from the national media and recruits with outrageous uniform designs.

Still not convinced Kansas State will eventually tweak tradition in favor of recruiting? Consider Nebraska’s black jerseys, USC’s chrome helmet, and Oklahoma’s wood-patterned alternate uniform. Each a traditional school with timeless uniforms and yet they’re beginning to adapt.

We at The Jug are big fans of the classic uniforms Kansas State has worn during the Bill Snyder era. As much as we fear change, we’d are willing to sell out a little bit if it means an Oregon Ducks-like spike in recruiting. But for what it’s worth, Charles Sollars may offer what is a happy medium on his flickr page.