Revisiting The Five Things To Watch: K-State Versus TCU


Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Last Thursday we looked at the five things to watch in K-State’s match up against TCU. Looking back, each aspect played a significant role in the game’s outcome in its own right – some for happier reasons than others. Here’s the breakdown on each factor:

1. Trevone Boykin: I was concerned that the defense would have a hard time keeping track of Boykin, and to an extent he played the versatile role TCU was looking for. Playing every position by lineman on offense (as well as punt returner), Boykin completed his sole pass attempt while rushing for 17 yards on five attempts (3.4 yard average) and one touchdown while catching four balls for 25 yards (6.3 average). TCU did a great job of getting the ball in his hands, but he was bottled up every time he touched it and never really found daylight. Grade of ‘A’ goes to the job the Wildcat defense did containing him.

2. Ty Zimmerman’s Shoulder: AHHHHHHHHHH!!! Ty Zimmerman, please don’t let us lose you to another regular season-ending leg injury! Zimmerman started the game and looked fine, but left early in the first quarter with a lower leg injury and never returned after being carted into the locker room. Shoulder is fine. Speculation on the internet runs rampant regarding this new injury crisis.

3. Offensive Line Play: I suggested this Sunday morning, and still contend the line play was altogether solid for K-State. There were a couple breakdowns, but by and large Jake Waters had an eternity in the pocket. TCU only recorded one sack, and Waters’ principle problem was locating open receivers as he never really felt much pressure.

4. Curry Sexton’s Usage: Sexton caught two passes for 37 yards, but did an adequate job helping to spread the field and definitely had a catch broken up on a play that should have been pass interference on the Horned Frogs. He was targeted four times on the day. If you give him the pass interference, that’s only one pass he couldn’t reel in.

5. Daniel Sams’ Rushing Attempts: A pattern is beginning to develop: Jake Waters gets the start. The more the game is in question, the more time Sams sees with plays designed to get him the ball in the open field. And in a game that was decided on the final play, he had 19 carries to just six for John Hubert. Dana Dimel has essentially designated Hubert a change-of-pace runner to Sams. Jake Waters also had 10 carries, although more than one came on designed passes when he couldn’t find open receivers but was able to take off for a short gain (also a pattern developing this season). Sams ran off the field and collapsed on the sidelines at the end of a drive in the fourth quarter, although it looked like it was due to exhaustion. Hopefully he’s fine and ready to run against Oklahoma on Saturday.