Kansas State Trails West Virginia 9-7 At The Half


Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Downing the punt at the six, Jake Waters started the drive after demonstrating what he could do when he hit Tyler Lockett for 35 yards and a touchdown on the previous drive. However, on the second play he fumbled the snap (his second fumble of the day), overthrew Lockett on third down, and K-State was forced to punt.

West Virginia lost its starting center on the next play, but that didn’t stop the Mountaineers from the most methodical march of the game, including a quarterback scramble inside the 20. Chaquil Reed recorded a sack on the next play, but Clint Trickett tucked the ball and ran in for a touchdown. Fortunately, Travis Britz got penetration up front and was able to block the PAT, leaving the score 7-6. Britz has also already batted down a pass on the day.

K-State was able to drive 18 yards on its next drive, but West Virginia was able to bat down a screen pass and then a tackle got his hands up and deflected a ball headed downfield for Curry Sexton, stalling the drive and forcing another punt. Mark Krause had another good one inside the inside, and West Virginia took over at the 17.

The K-State defense that looked so good in the first quarter was unable to stop the Mountaineers in the second. Trickett had a 50-yard pass to the K-State six that floated in the air just long enough for Kip Daily to have a shot at breaking it up, but couldn’t make the play. The Wildcats stiffened up and forced a field goal, but West Virginia still came away with a lead after switching up to a hurry-up offense, 9-7.

Tyler Lockett had a shot at the return before getting caught up at the 27, but holding brought it back to the ten. Trotting out two tight ends, K-State looked ready to use the final 5:30 in the half to work down the field on the shoulders of John Hubert. However, K-State was nailed with another three-and-out, forcing a punt after a Hubert run went backwards.

West Virginia continued moving the ball without resistance on its next possession despite several big plays by Ty Zimmerman. However, on fourth down West Virginia Zimmerman had his biggest play when WVU faked the field goal and he came up with a big stop to prevent a touchdown. Getting the ball back with 45 seconds, Snyder was content to run the clock down. K-State heads into the locker room down 9-7, and will received the kick in the second half.