The Continuing Quarterback Debate: Which Kansas State QB Gives the Wildcats Their Best Chance?


Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

It is a debate many Wildcat fans have discussed many times over the summer and now into the middle of the college football season.  Who should be the Kansas State Wildcats main signal caller, Daniel Sams or Jake Waters? The old saying is if you have two quarterbacks, you really have none, does that hold true to the Cats? Their record of 2-4 may point that way, but I don’t believe so.

Last weekend, Kansas State held their own with the Baylor Bears, losing 25-35 in Manhattan.  Daniel Sams was dominant on the ground, running for 199 yards and 3 TD’s. The Cats at times looked like last year’s team, controlling the tempo of the game, holding Baylor scoreless in the third quarter due to the Cats ball control. John Hubbert benefited as well, carrying the ball for 90 yards as the team totaled 327 yards on the ground. But in the final minutes of the game, Sams threw a costly interception, his second crucial late game interception in two weeks, thus shutting the door on a Wildcat upset. Sams is still an unproven passer, something he may learn with experience. One thing you can’t teach? Speed, and Daniel Sams has it, lots of it. While discussing the topic of this week’s column, lead editor Dave Thoman pointed out to me that maybe Sams fits the personnel style of our offensive line better. I thought that was a great point that I had not considered. This offensive line excelled for a run first, pass when needed offense last year. This sets up great for Sams to continue to make plays with his legs. So what about Jake Waters?

Without Tremaine Thompson and Tyler Lockett for the Baylor game, I think Coach Snyder decided to run the ball with Sams as much as possible. Currently, Sams sits 3rd in the Big 12 in rushing with 522 yards. Jake Waters brings a different skill set to the table for the Cats. Waters provides the passing asset to the team that started the season with two of the best receivers in the Big 12, Lockett and Thompson. With both players out of action recently and the inability to get the run game going with Waters under center, Snyder has been flipping Waters out of games recently and using Sams more and more. I thought before the season started that Waters gave the team the best chance to win due to the play makers at receivers this team has. Without them, I believe Sams gives them the best chance. The team sits at 2-4, and 0-3 in the Big 12. This season needs to change quickly or the Cats will watch the Bowl Season on TV. Jake Waters is the better quarterback, but Daniel Sams is the better athlete. In this offensive scheme, it may take the better athlete.