How The Kansas State Wildcats Earn Bowl Eligibility – The Schedule

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Welcome back readers – after a few days off following a dog attack, I’m back up to two (mostly) functioning hands and a renewed vigor for hating on bad dog owners. Now, personal whining aside, it’s time to focus on the second half of the season. And yes, only four games in, I consider the Wildcats halfway through the season. Because following their bye week, I expect the coaching staff to have adressed the issues in play calling, leadership to have gotten the role players in line, and a new life to be breathed into the season. So here’s how Kansas State uses its schedule to bounce back from a startling 2-2 start, gets to bowl eligibility, and beyond:

At #21 Oklahoma State: Going into the season, this looked like the most dangerous game of the year. I absolutely bought the Cowboys this year as one of the two best in the conference (they still may be), and the idea of playing in Stillwater was frightening. However, West Virginia just beat Oklahoma State (and god help us if we lose to WVU this year). Granted, the game was in Morgantown, and road games halfway across the country aren’t easy. But OSU’s defense looked absolutely inept against what should be a very bad WVU offense. I chalked this game up as a loss at the beginning of the year, but after a week of preparation and loss of confidence in Oklahoma State, I give K-State a 55 percent chance of coming home victorious. Season Wins: 2.55

#17 Baylor: I still don’t buy Oklahoma, despite what the Sooners did to Notre Dame in South Bend. I’m borderline sounding like a Baylor homer at this point, but until someone shows me otherwise, this is probably the most likely loss remaining on the schedule; even at home. These Bears are dangerous I give the ‘Cats a 15 percent chance of pulling this one out. Wins: 2.70

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