Kansas State Jug Of News 9/24/2013


Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Two years ago, the originators of Jug of Snyder started a morning link dump (first order of business: find a better term) entitled the Jug of News. While I didn’t continue the daily practice of pulling articles from around the internet, this morning we take a deviation from the new norm by pursuing an old one. So h

For a quick and dirty stat summary of the game against Texas on Saturday, here’s your Markets Press breakdown.

KC Kingdom hands out grades from the game.

The game against Oklahoma State on October 5th has now been scheduled for 2:30 p.m.

A right-handed high schooler has committed to pitch for K-State. Last season’s record-setting team is starting to pay dividends on the recruiting trail.

K-State’s lone senior on the women’s golf team is ready for her final tournament at Colbert Hills, and looking to go out in style.

Through one day of play, the Wildcats are currently in second in the Sunflower Invitational.

The Bleacher Report opened up a book and discovered the exact same page I’m on. Specifically, what the heck are we doing with Daniel Sams? Can anyone make sense of the play calling?

To revisit some prognosis from last week, the same author also thought Sams had the opportunity to destroy Texas. What I’m trying to say is, I am Ben Kercheval.

And finally, K-State may have lost Saturday’s game against Texas, but the Longhorns lost linebacker Jordan Hicks for the season over the weekend.

That’s all for me, folks. Stay safe this beautiful Tuesday. Before we depart, just a reminder that the last time Texas beat K-State (in 2003), the starting quarterback for the game was Chance Mock. The finisher was Vince Young. Here’s Bill Snyder on the two players:

"“I think there is a misperception that Vince Young does a lot of things that Chance Mock can’t do, … If you get lulled to sleep with the idea that they won’t let Chance run the ball or handle the option, you could get yourself into some serious trouble because he can do these things and he can do them well.”"

It seems like he’s saying everything about the current quarterback situation at K-State as he once said about Texas. Mock never really mastered the option, and Young went on to deliver a national championship once he was finally given full starting status. Just a thought.