K-State v. North Dakota State Football: Observations At Halftime


Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Waters rushes for two. Interesting – not sure the ratio, but seems to be 1:5, rushing to passing plays.

I say that, and Waters on the QB draw picks up another five the net play. Not a bad run there.

Hmmm – Waters goes deep, misses Lockett in the inside. Lockett was on the ground when the ball arrived (pushing on both sides), but that ball was a bit underthrown. I also don’t know if that’s the pass you attempt on third down when Lockett is being draped by one of the best cornerbacks in the FCS. Either target him when he has more separation, or go for the safer pass to get the first down.

K-State going for it on 4th-and-3 (in no-man’s-land right now). The play is…. a time out. Waters runs up the middle again – another QB draw – and only gets a yard. Turnover on downs at the 25 yard line; I think Jack Cantele was good for that field goal. Give the ball to Hubert! Why is Waters getting the carries?! You want the QB to run, you put in Sams. Collin Klein is gone, acknowedge, adapt, overcome.

NDSU has a nice running back. This kid is fluid. Marquel Bryant didn’t make the tackle there, but he forced the issue in getting solid penetration up the middle and preventing a first down on third-and-one. Bryant isn’t winning me over per se, but he may be the best defensive tackle option the Wildcats have.

Damn. Tramaine Thompson makes a great catch, barely putting one foot inbounds and catching for a first down.

Actually, play is being reviewed. While the officials review (should be upheld), solid commentary pointing out the effort Waters put in on that throw. He was running to his left and then threw across-body. Difficult throw, perfectly placed. Call quickly upheld.

Waters is getting into a rhythm, after that longer pass he’s hit on two real quick hitches. I think he’s 10/12 on the night. Holy jamolee! – 11-13 on a huge strike to Thompson that ties up the game. That’s why Waters is the starter. Damn. DAMN! Waters made that play. I can’t give him enough credit there. Nice lob, 7 up.

Dear Twitter: I would like to see Waters throw a lot. I do not need to see him run more draws. I also need Travis Britz to step up – getting owned inside.

K-State’s secondary is looking pretty vulnerable to quick hitches. Between that and running up the gut, Bison are perfectly capable of gaining yards 5 yards at a time.

Seriously? Up the middle, huge run by NDSU. Bison football at the K-State 40. Rushing yardage so far: 70 yards for NDSU, 13 for K-State.

Delay hand-off, only goes two yards. I’ve never cheered so hard for a two yard run under the time circumstances. But then there’s a pass over the middle (aided by extra throwing time for the QB) for another 1st down.

NICE! Dante Barnett creeps up and helps stop the run in the backfield, 2nd -and-13 coming up.

Oh man – Blake Slaughter comes in late on delayed blitz (he was waiting to see if pass or run, and the hole was wide open) and almost gets the sack, but ball throw away on the last second. Crowd getting loud, Slaughter flies in that time for a sack on third down! NDSU would have been in place for a field goal if nothing else, but the sack forces them to punt. Pooch punt downs K-State at the three, but I prefer bad field position to being down 10-7.

Hubert finally sees some daylight, nice cutback, follows his blockers for 17 yards. Great vision. All that effort ruined by a bad snap out of shotgun, goes straight past Waters. Now it’s 2&25. On 3rd-and-25, Waters is under some really nasty pressure (we shouldn’t allow that sort of pressure from a four-man-rush) and throws an interception. You gotta just get rid of that ball in that situation – not close to a completion.

Oh you’ve gotta be kidding me – can K-State stop the run game of NDSU at all?

Whew – caught a break. NDSU tight end has ball go straight throw his hands. That was a touchdown any other time – no one on him. 2-and-ten from the 15.

Nice sack, NDSU player loses a helmet early in the play. Great QB harassment, and there was a hold called on the play. K-State is at least applying pressure on passes. 34-yard field goal attempt bounces off upright. If you’re watching the game, there must be microphones attached to the goal posts, because it sounds like a tuba was coming through my speakers on that miss when the ball connected.

50 seconds to go, I expect more of a sense of urgency. FB Glenn Gronkowski catches his first pass of his NCAA career. 4th-and-five, K-State forced to punt.

North Dakota State takes a couple shots, goes into the locker room 7-7. Ends the half with another huge run – K-State is getting the stops in their own territory, but has to figure out how to force a three-and-out. Bison missing that field goal was huge.