K-State v. North Dakota State: 1st Quarter Observations


Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

Random thoughts I’ve been typing through the first fifteen minutes (with luck, these will be compiled into complete thoughts for a halftime/end of game summary. Hopefully said summary will be discussing a victory, because things ain’t looking too great right now):

NDSU: first play was a run outside for 18 yards. Ouch. What happened to Devon Nash?

Second play: five yard pass

Third play: sack by Mueller. I told you he was gonna beast this year. And it was a three step drop – he wasn’t scrambling around in the pocket – the pocket collapsed FAST.

Nice tip by Kip Daily to force fourth down. Pressure was there on the quarterback again.

Wow – first snap of game for Jake Waters, coaches call a time out just as the play clock expires those things happen in the middle of the game. First play should be scripted – no excuse. Zero.

Collin Klein on the sidelines. He still looks 16-years-old. Most accomplished teenager ever.

Tramaine Thompson doing what Thompson does. Quick pass behind the line of scrimmage, he takes if for a first down. That’s how Geno Smith got all his passing yardage last year, hitting Austin Miles with passes like that.

First series not that successful. Mark Krause’s punt sails across the field, downed at the 26. Ryan Doerr was the model of consistency last year, but I still believe Krause brings the bigger leg and can help out more when K-State’s offense can’t get the ball past the 30-yard-line (like that last possession).

On second and five, NDSU just runs it up the gut for four yards with impunity. I said I was worried about the DTs, and that didn’t assuage anything.

NDSU crushes it off-guard for the first down. Like I said, the Bison look like they’re controlling the inside

Defensive ends and linebackers can contain the outside. Jon Truman looking good as the new Will linebacker.

Direct snap to Hubert fails. 4th and 3, another punt with four minutes left in the quarter. Not an impressive showing so far

Oh no. No. No. Stop him. Crap – NDSU returns punt to 24 yard line. Marcus Heit was there and could have prevented any return, but that’s not the way it went down. No bueno.

Did K-State just get tricked by a reverse? Team is too scared of covering the middle.Oh man, and then on 2nd and five they run up the middle again for another huge gain. How does K-State respond, 1st and goal on the ten?

NDSU just runs it up the gut again. I think I know what the Bison will be doing all night long. They follow up Power-I formation, off-tackle. Once there’s a stutter step or other type of hesitation, K-State’s defense gets the job done. But this starting offensive line is deep and experienced, and they’re blowing up the inside right now. I had faith in Travis Britz, but…

Touchdown, Bison. Ty Zimmerman got beat on that play. Straight up beat – receiver cuts inside on 3rd-and-five, and isn’t touched in front of the end zone when he catches the ball. Couldn’t tell if he was supposed to get help there or not – five yards to the end zone isn’t a lot of room for a wide receiver to be that open.

NDSU essentially squid kicks the kick-off. They have momentum, and zero interest in giving Tyler Lockett the opportunity to reverse it.

Hot Damn! Curry Sexton with a nice reception, and fighting for several yards after getting hit. He just justified being the third receiver. Followed up by sweet catch by Lockett, two straight first downs. Best series of the game, Waters just completed three straight passes, all for first downs. End of the first quarter