K-State Releases Football Depth Chart Versus North Dakota State


Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

With the departure of Chris Harper to the Seattle Seahawks, Curry Sexton looks to feature much more prominently on offense this year.

The official print depth chart was released during the press conference this afternoon in anticipation of Friday’s game against North Dakota State University. Here are your starters (returning starters in CAPS):


WR — (16) TYLER LOCKETT, jr-2L
WR — (14) Curry Sexton, jr-2L (for three receiver sets)
C — (66) B.J. FINNEY, jr-2L
RG — (77) Boston Stiverson, so-1L
RT — (73) TAVON ROOKS, sr-1L
TE — (18) Andre McDonald, sr-3L
QB — (15) Jake Waters, jr-TR
RB — (33) JOHN HUBERT, sr-3L
FB — (48) Glenn Gronkowski, Fr-RS


DE — (45) Marquel Bryant, jr-2L
DT — (95) Travis Britz, so-1L
DT — (98) Chaquil Reed, sr-1L
DE — (44) Ryan Mueller, jr-2L
WLB — (39) Jonathan Truman, jr-2L
SLB — (50) TRE WALKER, sr-3L
MLB — (53) Blake Slaughter, sr-3L
CB — (4) Dorrian Roberts, sr-SQ
FS — (12) TY ZIMMERMAN sr-3L
SS — (22) Dante Burnett, so-1L
CB — (15) Randall Evans, jr-2L


PK — (3) Jack Cantele, so-SQ
KO — (3) Jack Cantele, so-SQ
HOLD — (38) Mark Krause, sr-SQ
P — (38) Mark Krause, sr-SQ
LS — (63) MARCUS HEIT, sr-2L
PR — (86) TRAMAINE THOMPSON, sr-3L / (16) Tyler Lockett, jr-2L
KOR — (86) TRAMAINE THOMPSON, sr-3L / (16) Tyler Lockett, jr-2L

Quick observations:

  • Andre McDonald is back, baby!
  • Word was that Gronkowski had pretty much sewn up the fullback spot, but this makes it official that Zach Nemecheck won’t hold the starting role.
  • Interesting that Dorrian Roberts won the starting cornerback role. I have faith in Randall Evans, but the staff may experiment with Kip Daily and Carl Miles in place of Roberts before conference play starts. Morgan Burns is listed as Roberts’ back up, and there’s still some sorting to do here.
  • Jon Truman will start at linebacker. Signs seemed to point that way earlier. This is an experienced linebacking corps, but the back ups are a collection of superbly talented underclassmen.
  • Curry Sexton is a solid downfield blocker. He appears to be playing a bigger role this year. Those two things may not be coincidence.
  • Robert Rose is the primary backup for Hubert. Time is running out for DeMarcus Robinson to make his mark on the program.
  • Keenan Taylor is backing up Stiverson at right guard. Stiverson is the better talent, but Taylor will probably learn a couple positions and the senior will be the first to come off the bench if someone needs spelled.
  • As was announced earlier, Jake Waters will start Friday. Try not to read to much into it – unless he plays lights out.
  • Three positions are decidedly unsettled on the first team. Jack Cantele had the word OR next to his name (Matthew McCrane is the alternative), as did McDonald (Zach Trujillo), and Krause (Ethan Hammes). Both McDonald and Trujillo will see extended time at tight end over the year, but it appears the kicking and punting responsibilities won’t be settled for another couple weeks.