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Big 12 Players Say K-State Dark Horse To Win Big 12, Has Worst Uniforms


Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Interesting collection of polls on ESPN this morning. The site’s Big 12 blogger David Ubben, along with the Texas and Oklahoma bloggers, apparently polled 28 of the 34 players at Big 12 media days on a few different subjects. Players were not allowed to select their own schools, and K-State had the following response rates:

Who is the team to beat this year in the Big 12? 4th, 11 percent (TCU led poll with 36 percent, no one received a majority of votes). One player was quoted as saying, “”Blake Bell at quarterback? I don’t like that. Don’t sleep on K-State.”

If you had to play for another Big 12 school, who would you play for? 4th, 11 percent (TCU led all schools at 25 percent).

If you had to play for another Big 12 coach, who would you play for?  2nd, 14 percent (Gary Patterson of TCU led the polls with 25 percent).  One player was quoted as saying, “Snyder, just because he has a great winning tradition up there.”

Who has the worst uniforms? 1st, 32 percent. One player was quoted as saying, “Not the biggest fan of Kansas State’s white. I like the purple, the purple and silver is a lot better.”

Who has the worst mascot? 3rd, 11 percent (Iowa State’s Cy led all schools with 25 percent).

Interestingly, 100 percent of respondents favored bringing back the conference championship game. What did we learn? That apparently TCU isthe team on the rise according to the players (and probably the high school kids watching those players). However, K-State seems to hold a pretty favorable impression. I’ve never been a big fan of the white uniforms either, but that’s about the only negative to take from these (highly unscientific) polls. More players chose K-State to win the league than Texas (4 percent), they favor Bill Snyder over Bob Stoops, and were generally positive in how they regarded the program. It may not mean much, but it’s still always nice to hear your peers respect you.