Eye On Kansas Prospects: Braden Smith


Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Venturing into the realm of the unknown, over the next few months Jug of Snyder will be looking at in-state recruiting prospects that remain uncommitted but should, nay, must choose to become Wildcats. There’s nothing more important than protecting your backyard, and we begin our analysis with the biggest dog in the yard, Braden Smith.

Picking up a commitment from Smith would be huge on a lot of levels, but getting him will be a hefty lift. Smith is the #4 offensive tackle prospect in the nation and by far the best 2014 prospect the state has to offer. Yet as the #22 overall prospect in the nation, he has the opportunity to write his ticket to pretty much any program in the nation. He has already received offers from Alabama, Notre Dame, Stanford, Texas, and a bevy of other traditional powerhouses.

Among the list of schools that have offered Smith a scholarship is K-State, and getting the Olathe South player would go a long ways toward proving K-State can keep the state’s best talent home. Smith reportedly benches around 500 and squats over 600 pounds, and is capable of throwing around unready defensive ends. He stands at 6’7″ and 300 pounds, promising to fully protect anyone’s blind side. He was offered a scholarship in May from the Wildcats, but has demonstrated an interest in keeping all of his options open by visiting several schools including ‘Bama and Notre Dame.

It’s difficult chasing a player that can go anywhere and hasn’t professed any sort of deep desire to play with the local school he grew up rooting for – although there’s no guarantee it would be K-State. His dad was a linebacker for the Jayhawks who have also offered him a spot with the program. However, Smith has been very coy so his intentions so far with no level of interest expressed for any program. Hopefully Snyder can pull a coup here and get him in a purple uniform to keep this program among the best in the nation.