38 Days To K-State Football: Mark Krause Player Preview


Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

#38 Mark Krause, far right

It’s now just 38 days until kick-off against North Dakota State, and next up in our spotlight is punter and #38 Mark Krause. Krause, a junior, transferred to K-State from Missouri Southern. Born in Kansas City, MO, Krause played for Karney High School in Missouri before entering college. He served as Ryan Doerr’s backup in 2012.

Krause did receive some playing time last year – he was the punter during the team’s first game against Missouri State in an apparent coach’s decision to allow him one more opportunity to win the starting role. He had four punts in that game, with an average of 38.5 yards and a long of 44.

Krause had five punts during the spring game this year:

  • 30 yard punt, fair catch at the 23 yard line.
  • 32 yards, fair catch at the 32.
  • 47 yards, fair catch at the 20.
  • 48 yards, fair catch at the 24.
  • 49 yards, fair catch at the 35.

Aside from the second punt, this is a decent showing. While he never pegged the ball inside the 20, he was close three times and the last was a booming 49-yarder. It seems players were instructed not to as there was no punt return yardage recorded by anyone during the game, so it’s hard to tell how well the punts were delivered. Krause was with the White (second) team during the game, but to an extent that makes sense. The presumed #1 option, his coaches wanted to maximize his exposure to make sure he could handle the role (four punters were exhibited during the game, with Ethan Hammes kicking four punts).

The primary concern with Krause is that he’s more of an athlete than a punter. He set a school record in high school with a 70-yard  punt, but has failed to demonstrate any consistency. Should he get the nod, opposing teams will be forced to be honest as Krause was a two-time all-conference running back – Snyder is licking his chops at the opportunity to fake punt here (ditto for fake field goals if he’s the holder). A two-time NASA Powerlifting National Outstanding Lifter, he also took home two national powerlifting championships while in high school.

If Krause can gain some consistency, he would actually be an upgrade over the departed Ryan Doerr. Earlier in the countdown we discussed how Doerr was a great punter, but failed to bring a very strong leg to the position. Krause boomed an 80-yard punt at Missouri Southern, surpassing anything Doerr ever did. However, he only averaged 37.5 yards and didn’t display the type of consistency that wins the starting spot at the DI level. He also had ten punts downed inside the 20 while at Southern.