40 Days To K-State Football: Daniel Sams’ Playing Experience


Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Good Sunday, Wildcat fans, and welcome to another installment of our daily countdown to kick-off against North Dakota State. The roster has recently afforded us the opportunity to preview several players over the past 60 days, but we’re left without verification regarding who actually wears #40 for the ‘Cats this year. Fear not, loyal readers, as the number 40 stands for something even more important today: the number of plays Daniel Sams recorded a statistic in in 2012.

Collin Klein took 511 snaps in 2012 in which he recorded a statistic by running or throwing. Sams was featured 40 such times over eight games. Here’s why that’s important: Sams is guaranteed to see decent playing time this year. Maybe Jake Waters starts every game; I’m not sure. But Sams’ talents will be utilized – particularly against teams with strong secondaries but weak against the run. And that experience will be extremely helpful in ensuring succesful play.

Most people know that Sams saw decent mop up duty plus time against Oklahoma State when Klein went down last year, but the extent of his experience is uncertain. So here’s what Sams did over eight games last year:

  • Missouri State: three rushes for 61 yards and a touchdown.
  • Miami: three rushes for 47 yards, two touchdowns.
  • North Texas: four rushes for 19 yards.
  • KU: ten rushes for 67 yards.
  • West Virginia: two rushes for four yards, 1-for-2 passing for ten yards.
  • Texas Tech: three rushes for 17 yards.
  • Oklahoma State: seven rushes for 20 yards, 5-of-6 passing for 45 yards.
  • Baylor: saw time, did not record any statistics

In sum, Sams rushed for 235 yards while passing for 55 yards on 5-of-8 passing. I don’t have a handle on his total snaps (this list doesn’t include plays in which Sams handed off the ball, but I would assume there was more involvement of the running backs in the Oklahoma State game as Bill Snyder turned the ball over to John Hubert to maintain the win.) It’s not that he received starting experience next year, but Sams definitely saw more game time than most quarterbacks stepping into a starting role. Just one more reason that, combined with Jake Waters’ Community College starting experience, there’s plenty reason for optimism heading into the year.

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