Kansas State Athletic Events To Serve Alcohol


Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

K-State has experienced a recent influx of wealth from a BCS bowl invitation, share of the Big 12 basketball championship, and the merchandising rights that accompany these achievements. And now the school will be pursuing a new source of revenue: alcohol sales at sporting events – a frightening prospect for those who use the game to sober up before heading home.

The University has begun experimenting with the policy by allowing sales at all remaining home baseball games. The policy allows third party sales of beer and liquor but still prohibits bringing drinks into the stadium (of course, you must obtain permission from the University before selling alcohol). The Athletic Department has stated it has no plans to begin serving alcohol at Bill Snyder Family Stadium or Bramlage Coliseum next season. This statement does appear to necessarily mean it plans on keeping football and basketball games dry – it appears the school wants to move slowly to ensure the program is implemented correctly. The rule changes mean that technically, any event may serve with permission from the Department.

As reported by SB Nation:

"According to an email from Warren Strauss, K-State director of internal auditing, the K-State Policy on Alcohol Cereal Malt Beverage has been updated with a revised section .040. The section, titled Athletic Facilities and Athletic Events, now states that “all sales of alcoholic liquor and cereal malt beverage shall be conducted by a third-party concessionaire.”"