Wildcat Hangover, One Week After the LaSalle Letdown


Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

The wound isn’t as fresh, and time has helped to heal what I now call the “LaSalle Letdown.” I can finally talk about another game placed into my vault of K-State letdowns. Watching the Sweet Sixteen games last night, I still felt somewhat down. Seeing fellow Kansas school Wichita State finally send home the Explorers gave me some thrill, although it bittersweet.

The nightmares have stopped. I no longer wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, yelling “Call A Time Out Bruce!” The visions of Angel shooting over the basketball goal as if playing HORSE have stopped. The whirlwind of the week has passed, the excitement of having the Wildcats playing at the Sprint Center, to the amazing low of seeing your team upset in front of your eyes. The massive deficit the Cats got themselves into in the first half. Seeing Galloway and Wright seeming to make everything they shot. The incredible comeback the Cats put on in the second half, even taking the lead, if not for a few seconds. Then the last 20 seconds from hell. A feeling of numbness as the Arena cleared, head in my hands, unable to move. My wife calmly telling me we need to leave, the building is almost empty. All have passed.

It feels good to talk about it, honestly. Helps with the pain. We have to remember what a great season this was. March Madness was something for years I experienced as a sports fan without a team to root for. I missed out on the years of Blackman and Richmond. The past few years have been great to watch. Number one recruit and Big 12 Player of the Year. An Elite Eight run, in the tournament consistently. The graduating Senior class being the winning-est class in school history. WE SHARED THE BIG 12 TITLE IN BASKETBALL. Before Huggins came, if you would have told me any of these things were a reality I would have laughed. So when you can’t get the idea why McGrudder didn’t get the last shot, remember how far we have come. And remember what a great season it was.