Jug Of Snyder Is Looking For Contributors


Is there something you’ve read on our website that you know could have been written better? Read an analysis you disagreed with and have a need to get your opinion out there? Love K-State sports and desire to join a community of similarly-minded EMAW fanatics? The Fansided Network — this site’s parent company and the fastest growing independent sports network on the Internet —  is looking for knowledgeable writers who’d like to cover the Kansas State Wildcats. We’re looking for weekly posts on anything that’s on your mind – from why Arthur Brown should be a top 15 pick to the effectiveness of the University’s basketball facility upgrades. Here are some of the things we offer:

  • FanSided’s shiny, custom look
  • Technical support
  • Writer education program
  • A community of college sportswriter teammates
  • Exclusive partnerships
  • FanSided promotes from within
  • SEO experience
  • Listed on 200+ sites, including FanSided.com

All FanSided sites are featured on Sports Illustrated.com thanks to our partnership with the sports publishing legend! To apply for this position visit here: http://fansided.com/join-fansided – or click the Write For Us link at the top of the page.