K-State Clinging To Halftime Lead, Beating Iowa State 17-14


Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Just as I (unhappily) predicted, Iowa State opened up the second quarter with a touchdown. Credit recently crowned starting quarterback Jared Barnett with a nice two yard strike to running back Shontrelle Johnson for the score.

Down 3-7, K-State responded with an excellent riposte drive, but it didn’t start out tremendously well. Klein called a time out on first down. With 14:58 to play in the half (apparently the touchdown strike was only two seconds), the Wildcats are already out of time outs. Bill Snyder can’t be happy with that. K-State is being hit with a double whammy right now, as a record crowd attendance in Ames remains damn loud, and the weather is milding obscuring the signals from the sidelines.

A close play on a nice option later in the drive resulted in 4th and inches on Iowa State’s five yard line. Nice call by the coaching staff to go for it. Funny event on the play: Klein picks up the first down on a sneak, and after the play is called dead an Iowa State defender grabs Klein’s leg and tries to pull him backwards to discredit his yardage. No dice, as the refs don’t fall for it. It takes a couple more attempts and a horse collar penalty on the Cyclones to make it work, but Klein eventually punches it in to get back the lead, 10-7.

7:21 left in the first half. 12:11p.m. Central time. Mark it. This is the first time my jaw actually drops in response to something. Tremaine Thompson is too far forward and muffs the punt, the fumble resulting in Iowa State ball. Very sour. One minute (and the following play) later, Ty Zimmerman provides reprieve by recording an interception in the end zone. Sweet. Zimmerman has been an absolute beast this year. Unfortunately, the K-State offense does nothing with the gift and, punting into the wind, gives Iowa State the ball back on the K-State 42. The Cyclones exploit the advantage, and bang out a 30 yard pass for a touchdown to go up 14-10. It’s time for a shot. Whiskey please.

Klein is taking some punishment today. I don’t know how many people noticed, but he and Hubert only had ten rushes apiece last week. It’s obvious they’ll have to be more involved today.

Second and two on the Iowa State 16, the Wildcats call pass. This is a bad call. Credit Snyder with going for it on 4th down earlier, but this wasn’t good one. Results in an incomplete pass. Fortunately, an Iowa Sate penalty on 3rd secures a new set of downs. Who else but Collin Klein later punches it in for the touchdown. This is where the half ends, as Iowa State opts to down the ball to run out the clock upon getting the ball back, leaving the Wildcats up 17-14.

I don’t understand the Dr. Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde personas of this team. The Wildcats either force a 3-and-out, or seems to get burned every play of the drive. The offense either moves the ball completely unobstructed, or can’t get any momentum. Expect K-State to make the necessary adjustments to secure the game in the second half, but anyone looking for a blowout today is apt to be disappointed.

Final thought: I don’t like Oklahoma, but I really hate Texas. If you feel the same way, laugh at the fact UT is getting destroyed right by a score of 36-2. Take another shot.