Jug Of News (05.24.12)


Welcome to our humble abode. Pull up a seat and grab a glass for a sip from today’s Jug of News. Hit the jump for a jug full of expansion news, tennis, football, baseball, and basketball stuff, as well as Fanning’s latest column.

It seems like every day brings more expansion news. Yesterday, it was the news that Clemson’s Board of Trustees is having a meeting tomorrow, to discuss conference expansion issues. In a similar vein, the KC Star’s Same Mellinger took a look at what he calls the Big 12’s “power play” in allying with the SEC in forming a new postseason game.

Speaking of football, in case you missed it, Fanning began a new series discussing his experiences at the various Big 12 football road venues. His first installment dealt with what you need to know before taking a trip to OU. It may or may not involve someone waking up with a barbecued mohawk.

Apparently that school down the river is still going to field a team. Their new coach, the gravitationally-challenged Charlie Weis answered such tough questions as, “Coach, are you going to put the names back on the jerseys?” Yeah, that’s a football fanbase of which they should be very proud.

In men’s basketball news, our newest assistant coach, Chester Frazier, has left his German basketball team in the semifinal round of the Bundesliga playoffs. Coach Weber had told him he could finish out his season, but he chose to come over early anyway. Needless to say, his team is not happy with that decision, given that he’s perhaps their best player.

Finally, in an exciting bit of news, Wildcat tennis star Petra Niedermayerova–ranked #29 in the country–outlasted Wichita State’s 81st-ranked Lutfiana Budiharto in three sets (6-4, 3-6, 6-4). This win earns her a spot in the round of 32, where she is the first Wildcat woman to advance that far since 2002.