Quotes from both sides of the final Big 12 game of the season. Mo..."/> Quotes from both sides of the final Big 12 game of the season. Mo..."/>

Iowa State Postgame Gold


"Quotes from both sides of the final Big 12 game of the season. Most of what was said basically relates to the entirety of every game played by Kansas State this year. It’s been incredible to watch this team exceed even the most optimistic of Wildcat fans and now there a few weeks left to enjoy the ride.“We just refused to lose.” David Garrett (That seems to be the summary of this season)“We are fighters and half of the games that we won, we had to come from behind and find a way to make plays and in the game.” Tysyn Hartman“We just found a way to win. We scratch and claw any way we can to win. I love this team.” Raphael Guidry“It is just crazy. This whole season has been a magical season for everybody on this team. We expected to do well, but I do not think a lot of people expected us to be where we are right now. It is good to see all the support we have from our fans.” Tramaine Thompson“It felt really good to get in the end zone, and I would like to get there more often. Collin (Klein) is the man. I tip my hat off to him. He is a good leader, and he does whatever it takes to win, including scoring all of the touchdowns.” John Hubert“I appreciate the heck out of John. He works his tail off. He is either blocking hard when I have the ball, or running hard when he has it. He is also essential in pass protection. He also had a few nice catches where he was able to do something after the catch in critical situations of the game.” Collin Klein“When you are the superior team, you should win. When you are the underdog, you are just fighting and if you pull something, fantastic. When you are matched evenly, it is really a challenge to see who the best is on Saturday, and they have been the past three years.” Paul Rhodes view of Farmageddon“It’s just the heart and the will to go out there and fight. A lot of times we don’t start out games as fast as we would like to, but the goal of the game is to finish. That’s a mentality that we have embedded in our team.” Nigel Malone (kansascity.com)"