Texas Postgame Gold


Here’s a collection of the best quotes coming from the coaches and players involved with Saturday’s game. Of all the postgame press conferences this season, this one by far had the most interesting quotes. The frustration level coming from the Texas side is incredible and rightfully so considering they absolutely should have won the game. Their quotes reflect that. The only person that might have more anger in his heart right now is Bill Snyder himself. The transcript of his postgame speech inside the locker room would be worth it’s weight in gold I’m sure. Continue reading to see the collection.

"“They just beat the tar out of us.” Bill Snyder “It wasn’t just the final stand our defense had to stand up all day, because our offense didn’t.” Bill Snyder “I mean, he was very frustrated.” Collin Klein on HCBS “Give Kansas State credit.  They didn’t make any mistakes.  And we didn’t force any of theirs.” Texas HC Mack Brown “They played great.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen them play better.  It was just an unbelievable performance.  That’s what is so sad.  To see a performance like that and not win the game is just unheard of.” Mack Brown “We just couldn’t get things rolling.” Which QB said this? Answer: David Ash. Could have easily been CK. “I love it. I thrive off it, every play. My teammates build and fight off it as long as it goes. I’m so proud, because it just explains how tough a team Kansas State is.” Tre Walker “They played awesome for us, the whole way. We were able to get in barely enough points to win. We just have to get better.” Collin Klein on the Defense. Let’s not forget that the defense was directly responsible for about half those points. “Asked if he can share his message to the team, Snyder said, ‘No. I cannot.’” Quote from the Manhattan Mercury article. And that sums it all up."