K-State Opens Up Lead In Third Quarter Against KU, Up 49-16

At 49-16, this is finally the type of score I’ve been waiting for.

I’ve said it several times, but this team is damn lucky to have both Ryan Doerr and Anthony Cantele on the team. Cantele remains solid on kickoffs, and opened up the quarter with yet another touchback. He’s only allowed kicked two returnable balls through 45 minutes.

KU started off two plays up the middle for nothing, and on 3rd-and-10 K-State recorded a nice sack to force 4th-and-19. Then Tremaine Thompson rocked out a 35-yard punt return. This team obviously made some much needed adjustments during half time. Or they were simply inspired by a certain blogger’s criticism during the first half.

The team also listened to me when I told them to keep running the football. The Wildcats’ first drive of the half: Collin Klein rush for 11 yards. Collin Klein rush for four yards. Klein rush for two yards. Then they used play-action on third and goal to go up 28-14 on a sweet toss to Tannehill.

Allen Chapman made a nice play on the ball to record K-State’s second interception of the game. Mad props. However, it’s important to note he was burned on the previous play for 31 yards by KU receiver Andrew Turzilli. K-State got the ball back on their own two, and immediately squandered the opportunity by running a slightly delayed run that was stopped for a safety. Not to pile on the coaches here – maybe Klein called the play – but whoever called it screwed up. You should be running straight forward when backed up into the end zone, never stalling.

Note that on K-State’s next possession, they scored on essentially the same play. They didn’t have to wait to long to get the ball back, as they recovered a KU fumble on the “punt-off” following the safety. This run put the Wildcats up 35-16.

With 15 minutes to play, K-State leads the turnover battle 5-0. Credit Zimmerman with a smart play in pulling down a tipped pass for an interception. The Junction City product has been playing heads up football all year.

K-State is now up 49-16 with Daniel Sams under center. After an unimpressive first half, the Wildcats used a 28-2 third quarter to blow the game wide open. This looks to end in the big win everyone expected, but Miami remains the only game K-State managed to put two complete halves together. As mentioned before, if this team gets caught as off-balance against the Big XII’s contenders as it was today, it could spell significant problems.

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