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Bill Snyder Laughed SO Hard...: Katy Perry Gets Me Through

“Well, how do you want me to measure it? …
On a scale of one to 10, we were a zero.”
-Bill Snyder

Good day, my faithful readers!

It’s a new week at BSLSH and in this edition yours truly will reveal to you a few of the things I’ve been thinking about recently.

Take a trip into my brain, and remember to shower after.

  • K-State high-jumper supreme Erik Kynard is going to make a run for the U.S. Olympic team Saturday and he has to be a favorite. I talked to him a few days ago and this guy is the real deal. He is extremely determined and has tons of swagger. He has all the makings of being a national star. He has two back-to-back NCAA outdoor titles and has the fourth highest jump in the WORLD — even amongst the Pros. If I was Kynard, I’d jump over everything. I’d show that skill off any chance I could. I’d jump over randomly parked cars. I’d jump over people walking their dogs. I’d jump center display isles in grocery stores. Hell… I’d jump over the bar to obtain a drink just to impress a lucky lady.  Basically, be very glad I wasn’t bestowed with Kynard’s gifts. Chaos would ensue.
  • I just turned up a Katy Perry song.
  • I talked with K-State men’s basketball recruit Alex Etherington over the the weekend. He’s Bruce Weber’s first recruit for the 2013 class and is a 6-foot-6 forward. He was well spoken for a high school kid just out of his junior year and the pictures I saw of him on the interwebs make him seem like the real deal. He’s a big, physical looking guy. He’s a 3-Star, according to Rivals.com, and I think he will be a good pick-up for the Wildcats. He’s also white, so, if I may put on my “I don’t know anything about basketball or the NBA” hat, I’m going to say he reminds me of a young Larry Bird.
  • It’s that new song by Katy Perry called “Part of Me.” I’m going through some things.
  • Speaking of the NBA, tonight is Game 5 of the NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the Cleveland Cav – excuse me – Oklahoma City Thunder. This should be an epic one, and wow, it seems like it was just yesterday that Game 1 tipped off. Man, time flies – just ask Russell Westbrook.
  • Gym Class Heros song on now. It’s a new hot jam called “The Fighter”. I feel more manly. Mostly.
  • What was Westbrook thinking!? The Thunder were in GREAT shape in the closing minutes of Game 4 and that unnecessary foul by Westbrook was a killer. There was only 4 seconds on the shot clock, man! It was a shame, because Westbrook was on his way to having a LEGENDARY night, and he was the only reason OKC was back in it, to begin with.
  • Lindsay Lohan is getting so irrelevant these days that I almost didn’t click the link that said “Lohan has wardrobe malfunction!” Almost.
  • James Harden broke the dam.
  • How much trouble is the NFL potentially in? TCU prized quarterback Austin Aune got the hell out of Dodge and took a $1 million paycheck from the New York Yankees. Aune – who is apparently a hell of a shortstop – was drafted a couple weeks ago by the Yankees in the second round and the offer is reportedly far more ($500,000 more) than teams usually offer in that draft spot.
  • The Aune story tells us that the current fixations on concussions in the NFL – along with the New Orleans Saints “bounty” scandal – are making their mark in the American psyche. Why risk your health, when you can just get paid millions to play baseball? No health risk there.
  • Another Katy Perry song. I swear, it just came up on its own.
  • For the record, I have no hate for baseball, and I’m sure you can get quite the rash sliding to second base  Seriously, though, it’s not nearly the “American Pastime” it used to be. But a lot of that is because of attitude changes in our society and culture. The games are long, there are a million of them, and the focus it takes to watch a game and understand the importance of what’s going on doesn’t mesh well with current our NOW! NOW! NOW!–hold up, someone is sexting me–culture and society.
  • Oh, and 270-pound guys packed with muscle and aggression aren’t trying to smash you into the ground.
  • I turned up this Katy Perry song, too. Again… I’m going through some sh*t.

That’s it for this week’s B-Slush. Have a great weekend, everyone! And remember, every time Bill Snyder laughs, a new puppy is born. If the laugh is sustained, that same puppy will also become a small child’s Christmas present, complete with red bow.

I never got a puppy for Christmas… yet?

Later, peeps.

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