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Agreement In Principle for Clemson To Join Big 12; Florida State To Follow

The news surrounding Big 12 expansion is moving much more quickly after word of the Big 12/SEC bowl alliance came out late this past week. The latest news I can report is that Clemson has agreed in principle to leave the ACC for the Big 12.

While no similar agreement is in place with FSU, word is that the administration has “come around” on the issue, and they will follow Clemson’s lead in short order. From the moment it became clear that FSU’s Board of Trustees wanted to make the move, it has been basically a fait accompli.

It is happening, and quickly.

This news dovetails with what I’ve been reporting. In the initial article, from two weeks ago, I outlined what I knew regarding the Big 12′s plans to be back to 12 by summer’s end. And then, in the story posted yesterday, I examined how the new Big 12/SEC bowl alliance made Big 12 expansion an absolute certainty.

The next step in the process–once Clemson and FSU make their decisions public and official–is for Bowlsby and the league presidents to make two basic decisions. First, is expansion back to 12 teams enough for now? And, second, if not, how do we land Notre Dame?

Nearly every 14-team Big 12 scenario I’m hearing about involves the Fighting Irish. I don’t have enough confidence one way or the other regarding Notre Dame to report anything definitively, but I would not be shocked to see a 14-team Big 12, including Notre Dame, by summer’s end.

[Story updated: I intended to link Cory Fravel's tweet, when I posted this story. In getting the story finished, placing that hotlink was overlooked. Sincerely, Ed.]

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    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003406118994 Shivam

      Rabble, I agree. If the broke up the divisions I could see us getnitg thrown in with the east coast teams and we can say good bye to all of those home games against UT, OU, Tech every other year. That would be a shame. Besides the potential division matchups, I think it would be awesome to have these teams.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003406090335 Canan

    Judging by the FSU and Clemson Rivals sites their fans seem pretty gung ho about the Big 12. By all acouncts the new commissioner is very pro expansion and wants to get back to 12 teams ASAP to stabilize the conference. There is more to this than just making more money through the Big 12′s superior tv deal. FSU and Clemson would keep third tier tv rights. However, the biggest thing in the Big 12′s favor in expansion negotiations is the elimination of the AQ tag. The BCS revenue is going to be split according to participation in the BCS bowls and the playoff. It won’t be split evenly among the AQ conferences. Over the last decade the SEC and Big 12 would have made FAR more money in BCS revenue than any of the other conferences under the new system. With the Big 12 widely viewed as the second best football conference I doubt that will change. If you combine the greater revenue from the BCS, more tv money, keeping third tier rights, and the chance to be in a football first conference, I think that will be enough to make FSU and Clemson at least think about it.

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