Freeman given back-handed compliment on Cowherd's radio show

During this morning’s monologue explaining why being on a good Florida team in college actually hurts Tim Tebow’s pro potential, ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd spewed this gem about Buc’s QB Josh Freeman:

“You think Kansas State University is even close to Oklahoma, Nebraska or Texas in terms of quality recruits?… Kansas State is the least glamorous college program, say what you want, maybe in the country. It’s in Manhattan, and I’m not talking New York. Manhattan, Kansas. Try to find it on a map.”

Love him or hate him, Cowherd has a point. Many of today’s better NFL quarterbacks have come from less than stellar college programs, including Freeman and K-State. Drew Brees? Purdue. Phillip Rivers? NC State. Tony Romo? Eastern Illinois. Jay Cutler? Vanderbilt. Ben Roethlisberger? Miami of Ohio. Perhaps playing among less-talented players in college prepared these perrinial Pro Bowlers to raise the play of the players around them.

What do you guys think? Comment below.

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  • JeffinKCMO

    Cowherd obviously doesn’t know nearly as much about college football as he claims if he truly thinks that a team in a BCS automatic qualifier conference, with 13 bowls in the last 20 years, a BCS conference championship and one of the most respected coaches in college football today is “the least glamorous college program… in the country”. I could name 80 programs in the FBS alone (plus all the teams in the FCS, D2, D3, NAIA, etc) who would give anything to have the “little” amount of glamor that K-State has… Then there’s Cowherd’s tired attack on Manhattan. If he bothered to pay a visit, he’d realize it’s a beautiful university setting that puts most others to shame. It may be more difficult to recruit there than some other high profile locations (especially if the recruit lacks work ethic or wants special treatment over other players or student athletes), but it is hardly the recruiting destination of dread he and other talking heads like to claim.

    Thanks for posting this, Dan!

  • JeffinKCMO

    That said, you make a good point… I don’t know that it’s about them being surrounded by ‘less talented” players, but more about “less hyped” players, which allows their talents to shine. When you play at a school like Florida or Texas where the national mags think that every unit is the best, it’s hard to stand out and shine. As a result, while ESPN and others fall over each other to hand out accolades to the high profile/uber-hyped players, the NFL scouts are busy looking around the nation to see actual potential to fit their teams’ needs in a given year… (another possibility – those from the smaller schools might not have quite the ego and expectations for adulation from the very start that those from high-profile programs seem to demonstrate whenever they get any coverage? Personality, ability to work with others on the team, and again, work ethic are factors for consideration when considering a prospective hire)